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GlamST: Try Before You Buy

With the amount of items on my wishlist right now, there is no way I will ever be able to afford them all, and honestly I probably wouldn’t even use most of them.  While researching and trying to narrow down my choices, I stumbled on a great way to test out new products before you even buy them.

GlamST is a new site launched by two intelligent and hard working females in the largely male driven engineering industry.  They aim to help women with some of the biggest problems we face when it comes to beauty: choosing the right products for our personal style and learning about other products that could work for us.  The software was originally marketed to and used by cosmetics companies like L’Oreal on their websites, but now has evolved into its own online platform.

GlamST’s goal is to make it easy for the user to try and discover new products, so they have their own social platform where you can share looks you create and get recommendations of other similar looks and products.  They already have a ton of products and are adding new ones constantly so its a great way to learn about new releases from your favorite brands.


This part of the website is one of my favorites.  After you’ve had a chance to play around with all of the products, everything from face to lips to lashes, you can see what exactly you used, how much it costs, and potentially buy it.  They’ve recently added a ton of new features for your eyes including liners, mascaras, and a whole slew of eyeshadow products and shapes, so there’s tons to play around with!

glamst screenshot

GlamST offers products to test from all sorts of brands, everything from Benefit to OCC,  Ilamasqua to Dior, and everything in between.  Create your own account here to get started!

Have you ever tried a virtual makeover site like this in the past?  All the one’s I’ve tried before turn out looking super clownish and drawn on, but I was impressed by the subtlety on GlamST.  Let me know if you have a chance to try it out!


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Ipsy May 2014 Sneak Peek #2

Ipsy May 2014 Sneak Peek #2The second sneak peek for the May 2014 Ipsy Bag includes products perfect for the coming summer months.  As someone who is pale 12 months out the year, I appreciate a good sun screen and would love a chance to try out some new brands.  Check out the two products featured in this sneak peek below:

Also check out the first sneak peek for May 2014 featuring 100% Vegan and cruelty free products by Pacifica.

 Interested in trying out ipsy? Order yours here!

Miss out on last months bag?  Make sure to enter my current giveaway to win an April 2014 ipsy bag including products from Urban Decay, Benefit, and more!

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Lorde MAC Collection2

3 Reasons to Buy the Entire Lorde MAC Collection

1. Lorde is a  talented and intelligent young woman who knows what she wants.

Lorde’s rise to fame has not been by accident.  The talented songstress creates beautifully unique music that refuses to follow the rules set forth by today’s pop stars.  She has foundher own voice and writes songs about things she actually feels as a (semi) normal teenager.  Her music can calm me down or pump me up, whatever I’m in the need for.  Check out two of my favorite songs from her latest album, Pure Heroine.

2. It’s only two items.

When MAC says mini, they really mean mini.  This mini collection consists of only two items, a lipstick and a liquid liner, so going all in and purchasing them both really isn’t going to break the bank.  The deep plum lipstick, appropriately named Pure Heroine, will sell for $16US/$19CDN, and the Penultimate Eye Liner with a precision tip in Rapidblack will be $19.50US/$23CDN.

3. MAC products are known for their high quality and long lasting wear.

I currently do not own any products made by MAC and this Lorde collection seems like the perfect place to start.  MAC is an international cosmetics brand known for creating products for the professionals, and was originally marketed to the high fashion industry.  It’s products are formulated to stand up to wear caused by long days at photoshoots, which make them great for everyday women on the go as well.  MAC products are now available to the public through their website and storefronts, as well as several department stores.  I’ve never had a chance to try any MAC products so I can’t wait to order these two products and find out if its worth the hype.

This limited edition Lorde collection will be available on the MAC website and at their Times Square and Fifth Avenue stores on June 5th.


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Proenza Schouler Collection for MAC

MAC has paired with New York based womenswear designer Proenza Schouler to release a stunning limited edition line for Summer 2014.  The brand was founded in 2002 and has grown to be sold in over 100 of the top retail stores in the country.  For their first foray into the cosmetics world, they have joined forces with MAC to produce a colorful and confident line that could grab anyone’s attention.


The thing that stood out to me about this line, however, was actually the packaging and not the make up at all.  Even after getting halfway through writing this post, I’m not sure if I’ve taken a good look at what shades are actually included in this collection.  The chrome ombre packaging of these products is different than anything I’ve ever seen before and really catches your eye both in person and in print.  The shades, the ombre, and the shine create a beautiful combination.

But are these products really worth it just for some fancy packaging?  After closer inspection, the lip and blush shades look pretty standard, nothing that really jumps out at me.  They’re all beautiful but I’m sure they’re very close to other products many of us already own.

Companies spend a lot of time and money on the boxes and containers many of our favorite products come in.  Do you think its worth it?  Have you ever bought something just for the pretty packaging?

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Revlon haul

Mini Revlon Haul from Ulta 40% off Sale!

Revlon haul

Remember my post on Monday about Ulta’s 40% sale on drugstore brands? Well I finally had a day off today so I headed over there to check it out and pick up some of my favorite Revlon products.  I grabbed my current shade of foundation, plus one shade darker for the summer, and a few spur of the moment picks.  I’ve been interested in experimenting with liquid and gel liners, so I picked out two versions by Revlon, as well as few fun lipstick shades.

Have you taken advantage of this great sale at Ulta?  What did you pick up? If you haven’t heard about the sale and want more information on brands included, check out my post here :)


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NEW Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights Palette

Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights Palette


Now available at Ulta!  This rainforest themed palette is the recently released and limited edition Golden Days and Sultry Nights Collector’s Palette from Tarte.  It has quite a long name for such a little palette, but the shades here do seem like they would be quite versatile for everyday use.  I love a good gold and that turquoise would be a great pop against any of the other shades. All of the shades look like they would build on and blend with each other well.

It’s no surprise that this Tarte product contains their favorite ingredient, Amazonian Clay.  This ingredient promises to nourish your lids while keeping shadows in place. Tarte has recently been using this in most of their products, from blush to eyebrows to mascara, and call it ‘nature’s most perfect ingredient for longer, truer wear.’  What are your thoughts on Amazonian Clay?  Does it really do all that Tarte claims?

The new Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights Collector’s palette is available for $36.00 at Ulta.

NEW Revlon Spiderman Super Lustrous Lipgloss. Wait, Spiderman?

Revlon Spiderman Lip Gloss

Something a little different for you today.  Revlon recently released a Spiderman collection at Ulta featuring a Nail Enamel collection and the Super Lustrous Lipgloss collection shown above.  It features three shades inspired by the series’ most recent installment in theaters that claim to have an ‘electric chrome effect.’  Now I’m not really sure what that means but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be shiny.  I can definitely get on board with the first two shades but I am going to need a bit more convincing before I try to figure out how to work blue shiny lipgloss into my daily routine.  The blue does not offend me on its own, but if its crazy shiny and possibly a bit sparkly (are those sparkles?), I think it may be a bit much.

The shades pictured above are Sparks Fly, Killer-Watt, and Electro Shock and are available for $7.99 each at Ulta.

NEW Kat Von D Chrysalis and Monarch Palettes

Kat Von D Chrysalis and Monarch Palettes

Now available at Sephora! Those beauties pictured above are the new Kat Von D Chrysalis and Monarch Palettes that recently became available at Sephora.  Like so recently that I had to edit this post because it was previously about the upcoming release of these palettes.  Each one contains three large base shadows and nine beautiful shades for blending, and I particularly like the wide range of shades on the Chrysalis palette.  The Monarch palette has some beautiful oranges and golds though, and I haven’t seen a very many palettes geared towards this color scheme.  Hopefully the shades don’t go too brown in person.  Both of these sell for $46.00 and claim to be long-wearing, buildable, and full of vitamins to keep your eyelids happy.

Make sure to head on over to your local Sephora or Sephora.com in the near future to get one of these Kat Von D palettes for yourself! Or someone else, I guess.  But probably just for yourself because who are we kidding.

Any fans of previous Kat Von D palettes out there? I’ve heard good things about the brand but have not personally tried her eyeshadows.  Let me know what you think of them!

Ipsy April Sneak Peek #%!

Ipsy April 2014 Sneak Peek #5!

Ipsy April Sneak Peek #%!

So many Ipsy Sneak Peeks.  Ipsy posted yet another sneak peek for their April 2014 bag with more potential items that could be arriving in your bag.  It has some new stuff, and one item that we saw in the last sneak peek.  Check out the items that could be included in your April 2014 Ipsy bag below.

Ipsy is a $10/month subscription service where members receive a bag full of beauty products personalized for them each month.  Order yours here!

Check out the other sneak peeks below:

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