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Lorde MAC Collection2

3 Reasons to Buy the Entire Lorde MAC Collection

1. Lorde is a  talented and intelligent young woman who knows what she wants.

Lorde’s rise to fame has not been by accident.  The talented songstress creates beautifully unique music that refuses to follow the rules set forth by today’s pop stars.  She has foundher own voice and writes songs about things she actually feels as a (semi) normal teenager.  Her music can calm me down or pump me up, whatever I’m in the need for.  Check out two of my favorite songs from her latest album, Pure Heroine.

2. It’s only two items.

When MAC says mini, they really mean mini.  This mini collection consists of only two items, a lipstick and a liquid liner, so going all in and purchasing them both really isn’t going to break the bank.  The deep plum lipstick, appropriately named Pure Heroine, will sell for $16US/$19CDN, and the Penultimate Eye Liner with a precision tip in Rapidblack will be $19.50US/$23CDN.

3. MAC products are known for their high quality and long lasting wear.

I currently do not own any products made by MAC and this Lorde collection seems like the perfect place to start.  MAC is an international cosmetics brand known for creating products for the professionals, and was originally marketed to the high fashion industry.  It’s products are formulated to stand up to wear caused by long days at photoshoots, which make them great for everyday women on the go as well.  MAC products are now available to the public through their website and storefronts, as well as several department stores.  I’ve never had a chance to try any MAC products so I can’t wait to order these two products and find out if its worth the hype.

This limited edition Lorde collection will be available on the MAC website and at their Times Square and Fifth Avenue stores on June 5th.


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Must Have Now: Jaclyn Hill Sigma Brush Set

Jaclyn Hill Beauty Expert Box

Everytime I go on Instagram lately it seems like another person I follow has received a beautiful box full of amazing looking Sigma Brushes and other goodies.  Sigma Brushes, founded in 2008, has been one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, thanks to their high quality and long lasting products, which are available to the everyday consumer at a reasonable price.  These brushes are on par with some of the most expensive brushes out there, normally reserved for the professionals, but with sets like the Jaclyn Hill Beauty Expert Box above, anyone can own all the brushes necessary to apply a full face for under $100.

I am particularly excited about this beauty box because Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty experts and I love watching her videos on YouTube.  I just stumbled upon her foundation routine video on pinterest and I think it changed my life.  This beauty box contains seven brushes, hand picked by Jaclyn, that she uses for her everyday makeup application.  She also uses them quite often in her videos, so it would be helpful to be using the actual brushes she is if you’re trying to follow her tutorials and achieve similar results.  This is the second time that this box has been available, after previously selling out quite quickly, so there is a very high demand.  I’m not sure how long it will be available and I’m having a hardcore internal debate on whether to just go for it or not.

This box is available for $90.00, which seems like a big chunk of change at first, but breaks down to less than $13 per brush.  When you compare this to this price of MAC brushes or other high quality brands, this is a steal.  If I was going to buy myself some Sigma Brushes, it would definitely be in a set like this because you get the most bang for your buck.  And from the research I’ve done, the Jaclyn Hill set has the best range of products to cover the basic needs of any make up user.

What are your thoughts on Sigma Brushes?  Have any of you tried any of them or own this particular set?  I need some advice here!

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NEW Kat Von D Chrysalis and Monarch Palettes

Kat Von D Chrysalis and Monarch Palettes

Now available at Sephora! Those beauties pictured above are the new Kat Von D Chrysalis and Monarch Palettes that recently became available at Sephora.  Like so recently that I had to edit this post because it was previously about the upcoming release of these palettes.  Each one contains three large base shadows and nine beautiful shades for blending, and I particularly like the wide range of shades on the Chrysalis palette.  The Monarch palette has some beautiful oranges and golds though, and I haven’t seen a very many palettes geared towards this color scheme.  Hopefully the shades don’t go too brown in person.  Both of these sell for $46.00 and claim to be long-wearing, buildable, and full of vitamins to keep your eyelids happy.

Make sure to head on over to your local Sephora or in the near future to get one of these Kat Von D palettes for yourself! Or someone else, I guess.  But probably just for yourself because who are we kidding.

Any fans of previous Kat Von D palettes out there? I’ve heard good things about the brand but have not personally tried her eyeshadows.  Let me know what you think of them!


NEW Too Faced Country & Rock N Roll Palettes!


Ulta recently posted this photo on this instagram as a preview of some new Too Faced products that will be available this summer.  It features two new palettes that follow the themes of Country and Rock N Roll.  Both of these palettes have some beautiful shades in them and I would love to get my hands on either one of them.    The green and gold of what I am assuming is the Rock N Roll palette initially caught my eye, and upon further inspection, I am also loving the softer shades of the Country palette.  I think we should all probably just get them both.

The Too Face Country and Rock N Roll Eye Shadow Collection will be available this summer, exclusively at Ulta.

NEW Lorac afterGLO Palette!


*UPDATE* If you want to know more about this product you can also check out my swatches, full review, and first looks!  And check out this post about our current giveaway featuring this palette as well as products from Urban Decay and NYX!

This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  That glorious palette above is the new LORAC afterGLO palette, available for only $24.00 at Ulta.  It includes eight matte and shimmer eye shadows, as well as two neutral shades perfecting for blending and layering to create an endless variety of colorful and vibrant looks.  This palette has arrived just in time for summer and just in time for my personal search for a larger range of eyeshadow shades.

If this palette lives up to the standards of the LORAC Pro Palette, then I am definitely sold.  I would love to get my hands on the colors above if they have the same pigmentation and blendability that is found in the colors of the Pro Palette.  I’m sure they would also compliment each other beautifully.  I’ve been looking for a brighter purple shade to wear with the Dark Purple of the Pro Palette, and I think the one in this palette would look fantastic with it.  Find my review on the LORAC Pro Palette and view photos of it here.

This palette seems to only be available at Ulta right now, although there is a similar palette called summerGLO available at Kohls and on the LORAC website.


Must Have Now: Urban Decay Start Getting Naked

Urban Decay Start Getting Naked Complexion

If you’ve been following along at home, you might remember that I have recently been looking for a new foundation for my consistently pale and flaky face.  I have recently been using Revlon Colorstay, based on reviews and recommendations found on the internet.  I am somewhat pleased with it, but I really have nothing to compare it to so it could actually be awful.  I have heard some good things about the Naked Skin foundation and have been interested in trying it out.

While I was casually browsing today, as I so often find myself doing, I found this adorable little ‘complexion kit,’ as Urban Decay likes to call it.  The Start Getting Naked 3pc Perfect and Set Complexion Kit includes a full size Naked Skin foundation in your choice of shade, a mini Good Karma optical blurring brush, and a travel size All Nighter make up setting spray, all for only $49.00. To purchase the Naked Skin foundation alone will cost you $39.00, so to get a brush to apply it and the travel size setting spray for only $10.00 more is steal.

I was already planning on purchasing the Naked Skin foundation so I will definitely be grabbing this Complexion Kit when my current foundation runs out.  Any thoughts on the Naked Skin foundation, for or against, before I drop $50 on it?  I’d love to hear your experiences with it!


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the deals section to see what free gifts you could be eligible for by buying this or other Urban Decay products this month!

Must Have Now: Benefit One Prime Day

I have been super interested in trying some of Benefit’s products lately after hearing such great things from other bloggers and being enticed by the big shiny display in my local Ulta.  It is significantly better lit than the entire rest of the store.  Because I am currently trying to perfect my foundation and concealer routine, I have specifically been looking at Benefit’s Boi-ing Concealer and The POREfessional, along with many of their other priming, highlighting, and concealing products.  During my “research” I stumbled upon this amazing deal that I absolutely must have now.


The Benefit Cosmetic’s One Prime Day includes three deluxe minis of their well known priming and setting products.  The POREfessional, which I mentioned earlier, is a lightweight primer that makes pores and fine lines disappear, while That Gal is a pink primer that brightens and smooths.  They can be worn alone or together to enhance your skin and help with a smooth foundation application.  Stay Don’t Stray is a primer for both your eyelid and under eye area to help shadows and concealers stay put.  The full size versions of these products run for $31, $29, and $26, respectively, so they are a bit on the pricier side, and many people may be apprehensive about buying these products individually.  The One Prime Day set provides the perfect opportunity to try each of these products for the low price of $17.

Benefit Cosmetic’s One Prime Day is available online at